Azam Khan father and Quetta Gladiators coach Moin Khan says, “he needs to learn a lot”

Moin Khan has already paved his way into the Pakistan cricket team. However his father and Quetta Gladiators’ coach claim that he has a long way keeping an eye on id performances.  Azam Khan happens to be part of the Quetta Gladiators franchise. It is a franchise that has won only two out of nine matches in PSL 2021. The franchise has performed miserably in PSL and has failed to qualify for the playoffs. Moin Khan says that it was the lack of competition that happened to be a blessing in disguise for this youngster.  The former wicketkeeper-batsman referred out that stating that making into the national team is less competitive these days.

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Additionally Moin claims, “Pressure will always be there irrespective of whether you are playing for Pakistan or club cricket, there will be some pressure. It all depends how to take it, how you have been ready to tackle that pressure, whether you are able to score an innings or not. Some players hit out, others adopt different tactics. It is necessary to learn these things.”

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I wanted to get fit because people were calling me over-weight even after I scored big runs: Azam Khan

However the toughest part for Azam would be sustained to be a part of the team. Out of the nine matches for Quetta Gladiators in PSL 2021, Azam Khan has scored 159 runs at a strike rate of 134.74, his best score being 47. Stay tuned to the Midget Herald for more updates on sports news.

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