5 Children, 7 Teachers test COVID-19 Positive in Dehradun’s Doon School

Seven teachers and five students are tested covid positive at Doon school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand’s capital.

Dehradun Ashish Srivastav, the district magistrate of Uttarakhand assured the above news and apprised that the administration would take necessary precautionary steps to control the situation in the school.

The officioal told, “As per the instructions issued by the government, Doon school is ensuring compliance with all necessary steps and protective measures. The school had implemented its action plan for all its students, teachers, staff under the care of the residential doctor to prevent the pandemic spread.”

He declared that all students and staff-members had to go under the RT-PCR test. He added, “Those who tested positive have been quarantined and are adhering to the government guidelines. Contact tracing of those who came in contact with them has been initiated.”

Uttarakhand announced 791 new COVID-19 cases in which 303 cases were of Dehradun and 185 cases of Haridwar on Tuesday. So the total number reaches to 1,03,602.

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