5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canadian Model Akinyemi Akinro, Also Known As “Loverboyakin”

Akinyemi Akinro is a Canadian model and founder of clothing brand ‘Oddmindsworldwide’ who began his career few years ago and is now becoming an increasingly high-profile figure across both the fashion and entertainment industries. Despite being a relatively well-known personality, there are many things that people do not know about him. Here are 5 interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Loverboyakin.

  1. Loverboyakin’s Dream is to Play a Superhero
    Lovrboyakin’s biggest dream is that he will play a superhero and stay fit before he dies. He said that he has always wanted to become a superhero, and stay fit until he gets old enough.
  2. He Wants to Take Fashion to Different Parts of the World
    Some places around the world are known for fashion, such as the UAE, UK, Italy, United States, etc. On the other hand, fashion is not a big priority in many other
    countries. There are many different countries, and Loverboyakin is hoping that this is something that he can change. He is planning to work with several agencies to take fashion to the different countries.
  3. Loverboyakin Believes in Surrounding Himself with People Who Value Him
    Loverboyakin has attributed some of his success to surrounding himself with people who value him and his training. He has advised others to do the same as it is important to have people around you who will build you up rather than knock you down.
  4. Loverboyakin Believes in Setting Goals
    Another reason that he gives for his success is setting himself goals. He finds that setting goals give him something to work upon and keeps him motivated. First, Akinyemi sets himself short term goals in relation to where he wants to be in different areas of his life. Then, he extends these goals to the long-term.
  5. Loverboyakin Has a Huge Social Media Following
    Loverboyakin is selective about what he reveals on social media. He shares just enough to keep his fans interested in him, but not so much that social media handles becomes invasive to his personal life. Despite limiting his posts, he has developed a huge social media following. On his Instagram account, he has thousands of followers. He posts mainly fashion-related photographs and comments.
    Akinyemi Akinro on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/loverboyakin/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/loverboyakin/

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