A Search for Truth by Academic Scholar, Influencer, and CEO Hanna Shanar

A mainstream author is leveraging his social media presence to advertise and promote his new book titled “A Search for Truth.” Hanna Shanar, born on August 8, 1998 in Houston, Texas is a second year medical student at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is the author of a short book focused on exploring human nature and the origin of life. Hanna attended a liberal arts college known as The University of St. Thomas in Houston for his undergraduate education.

In fact, through his coursework, he began to become interested in science, religion and philosophy, which ultimately inspired him to create his book titled A Search for Truth. Impressively, Hanna has also completed research with reputable cardiologists who have ranked top 25 on Forbes best cardiologists in the world. As if Hanna did not already boast an eye-catching resumé, consider his multi-thousand social media following as a second-year medical student, who wrote, edited, and published a book at only 23 years of age.

These are the reasons why Hanna is gradually becoming a sensation and offers his fans and followers inspiration to accomplish their goals, no matter what adversities may be faced. Per various news sources, Hanna’s book was initially set to release in mid-July but has since been delayed with short teasers posted by Hanna on his Instagram. Most recently, Hanna has confirmed that his much-awaited book will be available on Amazon this labour day weekend, 2021. As a young person himself and an inspiration to the youth, Hanna is making headways and setting the path for others looking to accomplish similar goals. More information about Hanna Shanar can be found through a simple Google search, or by visiting his website.

Hanna has also been accredited with the position of CEO of a mainstream brand known as RapGroupManagement, which mainly operates through their 5+ Instagram pages. This coalition of Instagram accounts unites to promote aspiring artists across a multi-million following network. As an aspiring doctor with such massive influence, Hanna plans to partner with big-name local and national artists to spread positivity and health knowledge across social media. Watching a young person accomplish their uniquely visioned goals at such an age, and still wanting to help others around them is something that is rarely seen in current society. We must applaud Hanna Shanar for his ambition and accomplishments, which is why many of his followers look to him for his constant drive and inspiration.

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