“A State Of Romance”, rides high on success with producing top-notch music

The band had set the music scene on fire with its first single on October 18th named “Reality.”

There have been a lot of success stories around the world that people have loved discussing and talking about, but when people speak about the musical artists of the world, they never miss mentioning about the kind of passion and madness a few rare gems among them show. It is also quite necessary to hold more talk about them for these individuals always show their A-game in all that they choose to do in the music space of the world. The same has been doing two such great artists named Darren Rodgers and Dale Nolan, who are DJs and producers.

Darren Rodgers is famously known as “Damon Hess” by his stage name, while Dale Nolan is called “Dayl.” The UK-based artists are only on their way upwards on the path of success. Darren has effortlessly moved to the UK club chart number #1 and is a part of the much-talked-about band “Product Of Us.” Darren Rodgers has been a professional drummer, and after being a part of his previous band called “Littlecrazy,” he decided to reform a new electronic sounding alternative metal rock band along with his schoolmates and guitarist Dean Lilley. Together Darren and Dean have spent many months producing and recording the full album, which is known as “A State Of Romance.”

A State Of Romance exudes the passion of these band members and their genuine quest to reach the hearts of all music lovers and listeners, which has even helped them grow as a team. It is a full-fledged band today, which is taking electronic rock music to greater heights in the world of music. Along the way, the ace musical artist even found many other passionate musical artists and his team members like members Jamie Wiltshire, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist Lewis Dennis, keyboard sampling Kieran NG and finally Wayne Lee bass guitarist.

Recently on October 18th, 2021, the band released their first single named “Reality,” which has so far been picked by the radio to be playlists on Kerrang Radio, Planet Rock, and more. The original three members are Darren Rodgers, myself, Deano Lilley & Wayne lee.

Wait for more of their work to be out in the coming months.

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