Adam Edelberg says ‘Pressure motivates me further’

Even the world of fashion has been unable to survive the onslaught of this year’s global pandemic. Worldwide, many fashion brands had had to shut up shop and as yet, the full impact of the economic drawback has not been experienced. Experts do say that the impact will be known soon enough. Adam Edelberg, fashion expert and financial consultant, shares his insights into the future of fashion.

“The current situation, as it is, is quite desperate. People will have to buck up and shake up their business. It is the hard truth but it is the truth,” said Adam. According to some analysts, the industry was already on alert since the end of last year due to a poor financial year. Even before the pandemic, there were plans and strategies in place to balance things in 2020. “But the pandemic ruined all such plans. Businesses worldwide were brought to a total standstill,” said Adam.

Adam suggests drastic innovations are the key to survive the upcoming economic downfall. It will take a lot of quick and fast decisions for companies to survive, but they will be able to do so. “The remainder of 2020 should be used to come up with some way to bring back the consumer, because the consumer is not in a hurry to do any shopping at the moment. Providing value to consumers will help a lot,” said Adam.

Investing in a digital network will prove beneficial because this year has proved just how useful digital communication can be when it comes to social distancing. Consumers will definitely feel safer in this area to shop freely, therefore, this is one aspect of the upcoming new world that businesses will have to take into consideration. “By and large, the visual aspect of the fashion industry should survive with the help of visual accessories. Online streaming platforms and services will be useful for hosting fashion weeks and such,” said Adam.

Currently, Adam is working hard on starting his own YouTube channel to talk about finance, banking, etc. he hopes to be able to spread knowledge about correct practices for wealth management as well as share tips on surviving the upcoming economic slowdown.

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