Addywiz Shares His Experiments With EDM In The Lockdown

High energy music is something that makes you get up on your feet, even if you don’t feel like even raising a finger up. This genre of music that includes EDM has hit the music industry again with latest trends as, new and young artists seems to have experimented with various beats and brought back the culture among the youths once again.

Aadi Belnekar or Addywiz, the artist who specialises in EDM music has had to go through a series of researches on various kinds of music inorder to incorporate them to create something unique that could easily put everyone’s heart on the line. The inclination towards music and it’s various branches had been a major part of his life since his teenage years. Although, it took a delightful turn when he started being more responsible. He finally took initiative to produce creativity that would astonish people around him.

“The flexibility, essence of production, and volatile nature of electronic dance music appeals to me in ways that I’ve never felt before. EDM isn’t for everyone, but nobody can deny its cultural pull, or it’s undeniable mental benefits. It was during this lockdown that I really took my music production on a serious note, as I realised our daily life was lacking a lot of happiness due to the tension and panic caused by the pandemic. That was exactly when I started scribbling out certain notes and later put it together to form a verse. Then everything added up eventually to become the music that I finally created”, says Addywiz when asked about his reason to choose EDM.

The catchy rhythms and complimenting sound additions is what Addywiz seeks in the music that he makes. He wants it to be something that is both incredibly danceable and fun to listen to. He intends to create a very focused build-up and eventual break-down of the song, in order to make it unique and astounding. Repeating the same kind of beats over the years is not his cup of tea. The urge to create a signature style is what makes an artist invincible in this competitive world according to Addywiz.

In the year 2020, following his first release “Let’s get it”, he decided to raise the bar for new generation music by getting inspired from the old school genre and adding a hint of modern instrumental beats to it. That was when he released, “Trapped” which turned out to be a turning point in his musical career. The songs are available on Spotify and Youtube. Following it’s success, he has released his new songs “Venus”, “Firework” and “Vibe” this year.

“This is just a beginning of something wonderful that is ought to take different turns in the music industry with my growing love for music”, adds Addywiz.

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