Against all odds, GerkOne is a hip hop artist who remains relevant even after a 10-year break:

Since childhood, GerkOne was always passionate about music and eventually decided to make music his career. So, in the year 2007, GerkOne started writing and recording music. He was under the guidance of Veteran Detroit artist J Finn who helped him a lot initially. Soon after he debuted with his first ever single “My Block” which was an instant hit on Myspace and YouTube. In 2010, he released his next single “Make it happen” featuring cash money’s 2X platinum recording artist, 2 Pistol. “Make it happen” was the final single as he wanted to take a break from writing or creating any music of his own. According to him, 

“I just felt like it was time to put it down for a minute, I didn’t know that minute would turn into 10 years but timing is everything and I think I picked it back up at just the right time. I’m much more experienced in life and you can hear that in my new music.

Ten years later in 2020, he made a comeback by dropping an 11-track album “Pardon My attitude” which went viral immediately. The album has more than 200k streams in its first month of release and is still growing its number across all streaming.

As you already know that over the years the music industry has changed drastically only those with unique style can survive in this fierce industry. But even in this competitive industry, GerkOne never fails to impress his audience with his mixtape of amazing beats with mesmerizing lyrics. His talent as a musician was further recognized by the name “The Game”, the multi-platinum recording artist and New York legend Jada kiss.

GerkOne has a substantial follower of more than 26k on his social media platform, Instagram and has over 250k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Currently, he is actively working on his upcoming album “Pardon my Atti2ude” the sequel whose details will be soon be revealed to the public. Through complete dedication and hard work, GerkOne has established himself as one of the best rappers and songwriter present in the industry.

If you want to know more about GerkOne and his upcoming album “Pardon my Atti2ude”, you can simply follow him on his Instagram @Gerkone.

You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel where you can stream his songs (Link down below)

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