Age 21, but moved for farmers indian entrepreneur sai abhinay chepuri

Sai Abhinay chepuri who has been supported by skilled unemployment with Make it Memorial Creative Works (MIM) Startup Company has now further up and down to farmers. Zero budget was established a new startup titled Enviropromise to provide marketing facilities for farmers in nature (ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING). Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivaraj Singh Chauhan recently opened this startup. This company is currently working with ten employees and ten internships. In contacting Abhinav Venture capitalists for the desired financial resources to this starter.

B.Tech is studying in Lovely Professional University in the district of the district of Telangana. Abhinay chepuri started a startup company in the Teenage to make people who are trial of expertise. In the last three years, 70 people have been given to 70 people from 70 people without taking the same rupees. The continuation of the modern farmers and organic agriculture and the marketing facilities are available to their crops.

Abhinay chepuri say’s  that the beginning of the naturality of the childhood loves to start this startup. There is a motive for encouraging organic cultivation. Abhinay made it clear that he did not focus on his startup. He described two applications for farmers as part of Enviropromise Startup Company. He said that nature cultivors are able to sell their agricultural farmers directly through these applications. He believes that the milling farmers are not available to the Internet, and advanced technology in the country, and they are not able to benefit from modern technology. Abhinay Startup awareness of policies that increase crop yields in organic agriculture. He is easily a bio diesel and bio patrol, and he will be able to make them available to farmers. He says that the economic burden in the farmers is due to the pesticides and ferilizers.

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