Ahmad Jaber AKA ‘Jibber with Jaber’ is going to take the world by storm

Jaber’s I.G account is that of a story book – which showcases the latest podcasts with big celebrities and influencers.

Podcasting as a successful career has now become a much wanted choice with thousands of aspirants who chase the dream of being the next big podcaster. However, those days are actually over where you could be counting on your fortune just to get recognized, as now there’s a one-in-a-million chance of it actually happening. Moreover, it also requires consistency, dedication, good communication skills and determination to become a successful podcaster. To stand out and compete with others and get noticed, you need to plan, prepare, and execute a comprehensive strategy.

It is also very important for a podcaster to have a pleasant mindset and confidence, and who knows this better than Ahmad Jaber AKA ‘Jibber with Jaber’, a 38-yr old Podcaster, born in Abu Dhabi, based out of Dubai.

This guy is literally tearing up the podcast world. He’s generating a decent amount of listeners per month and doing it on an extremely successful schedule. And he’s achieved this growth in only few years.

You often hear that late nights and early mornings is the life of every podcaster. With Ahmad Jaber this isn’t the case.

What that means is that he fills up his whole week with all the interviews for his show. He works his tail off for the week and makes sure he gets his interviews in. This allows him the rest of weekdays to focus on editing the episodes, having free time, and focus on other tasks and projects. While still releasing a new podcast episode consistently.

Jaber interviews celebrities and lifestyle influencers and mixes a comedic sense in his podcasts. Due to high demand from his loyal followers, he has decided to expand his worldwide reach too.

You can check out all of Jaber’s latest podcasts by by following him on Instagram @jibberwithjaber


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