In the present society, we see numerous people in the music business overlap from the worldwide pandemic. It has drained the life out of some cutting-edge craftsmen as it shows no real end. While a larger part of individuals are falling into this class, that doesn’t mean everybody is. That is the place where Artist Akky becomes an integral factor.

Consistency, excessively quality, and backing from loved ones are three vital impacts in how Akky has formed his vocation. 2019 denoted the beginning of his melodic excursion when he started to make beats for himself on his PC. Akky needed to get familiar with every one of the intricate details that go into making a tune. He figured out how to deliver and compose songs without any preparation. Following quite a while of difficult work and commitment, Akky has begun to acquire some stain in the Love Music game.

Mandeep Singh, better known by his stage name Akky, is a popular singer and social media personality. The singer became well-known after the release of his first single, ‘Lehnga.’

Mandeep Singh also known as Akky says, “Music is my fondness so I decided to change my energy and love into my vocation and it worked. As an artist, you feel so cheerful when people truly like your capacity and your songs get a good reach.”

His best tunes which are worth listening to:

  1. Lehnga 2. Prada 3. Silent Love 4. Shopping 5. Suit Punjabi 6. Gucci 7. Lost You 8. Attitude 9. Diamond Ring

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