All you need to know about The Tomorrow War movie review

The Tomorrow War is the type of well-made entertainment that mainstream Hollywood excels at on occasion.
Consider it a near relative of the Fast and Furious franchise – it’s about as slickly packaged, albeit it lacks the rewatchability of some of the brand’s better episodes.

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When the movie has played all of its cards, it enters the make-or-break phase. Some of you may be wondering (quite rightly) why middle-aged uncles and aunties are being sent to confront deadly aliens. Others may be perplexed by the film’s time travel elements, which are explained in a brief sequence with a shrug.

The Tomorrow War, on the other hand, isn’t intended for those who ponder such concerns. You’re just supposed to go with the flow.

To help you feel better, the film includes a comedic relief audience surrogate character whose sole purpose is to predict what you’re thinking and make the same exclamations as you.

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The action portions in The Tomorrow War — and, indeed, any other picture about humanity’s last battle against extraterrestrial invaders — are where the real fun is enjoyed. 
To use Neil deGrasse Tyson’s favourite expression, the space aliens appear generic but are well-rendered. The film doesn’t even try to hide them with fast-paced editing.

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