An engineer turned entrepreneur creates BondApp to take social interactions offline.

Jamal Taleb, the creator of BondApp, shares his insights on business, investment, and his journey as an entrepreneur.

Jamal Taleb is a trained engineer, who found his way into entrepreneurship with creative ideas. He came up with an idea to bring better solutions to social interactions in life. Creating BondApp, Jamal had only one goal in mind, which was to bring together people and to help them take their conversations offline. Trained as an engineer, Jamal was well-equipped to deal with many issues and problems, which is what helped him to reverse engineer and create a platform without fake accounts.

The BondApp requires the person to be in a particular geographical range to other people. BondApp’s unique aspect is that it allows the users to identify the other users right from the beginning, instead of giving a vague description. Furthermore, the app makes use of sequential processes, which allows the app to link the users for bonding at any given location. It works great for networking and socializing. With that said, the app has grown in the past few months and is expected to reach more people by the end of this year. Apart from this, Jamal is heavily invested in real estate. He has a keen eye for investments, and he realized that he can help others to make better investments as well, which is why he set up “Taleb Realty Inc.” The company helps many others to find better investments in real estate and has been functioning as a business for over a decade in New England.

He also served as the youngest Freemason as Master of The Massachusetts Lodge in 2018. With that said, he has found his background in engineering which has helped him find success in life. He believes that engineering helped him to solve critical problems. To budding entrepreneurs, Jamal’s work has been a motivating factor. When asked to provide advice to the youngsters, he asks them to work through all the challenges and always be on the lookout for the best solutions. He encourages everyone to learn and become good at multitasking.

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