Mr. Justin Owens is an entrepreneur as well as a mentor who aims at teaching people how to channelize their money. He also trains people to strengthen a single skill set based on which they can earn enough for themselves and their families. Justin shares how he began his journey as a businessman, and the struggles he faced through the journey that made him even stronger and better at his work. His sole motive is to empower the black community and open ample options for them apart from just being either an athlete or an entertainer.

Justin Owens describing the nature of his business

Justin is one of the top distributors for IM Academy network marketing company that has enabled individuals of all backgrounds to find a place to grow independently. IM Academy offers learning in various languages to make its education a truly effortless experience. “I always wanted to be successful and to touch the lives of those around me”, remarks Owens. He teaches people how to overcome stereotypes and create their narrative. Over the last three and a half years he has been teaching people how to invest in digital currency, leadership development, and marketing consulting all within the same business. Justin says that his business helps people because it educates them on areas of their life that they need work on such as the areas of finances, communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and how to get to the right side of money.

Justin explaining the obstacles he faced throughout the journey

Some of the biggest obstacles that Justin has overcome while building his career mirror many of the challenges all people face at some point. “For example, there was a time when I had to decide to leave a guaranteed check and have faith in starting over with no guarantees”, states Justin. He has also dealt with the loss of family members, coupled with transportation issues, relationship issues, and most importantly overcoming his limiting beliefs. He also had to overcome physical injuries and financial challenges throughout his journey as well.

Goals planned by Owens

Justin says that some of his next projects include creating more 6-figure earners and investors. He will also be launching his personal ‘Entrepreneur’ clothing line wherein he will focus on going against the stereotypes of success for black professionals and traditional leadership. Additionally, he is also working on a podcast that will highlight how to become a successful entrepreneur, a phenomenal leader, and a lot more.

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