In Bangladesh, the competition among the startups is getting tighter day by day. However, an entrepreneur always keeps an eye on coming up with an innovative idea that either provides a solution to a problem or an opportunity to offer something better. Meet Sohel Farid, an entrepreneur setting up the first benchmark e-commerce brand for shoes and leather products Kraft ( from Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is the first entrepreneur in his hometown Chittagong to invest in this specific field based on online.

Inspired by his father, Farid Ahammed, a visionary and iconic entrepreneur, Sohel joined the family firm at a very early age to learn about business, entrepreneurship, and social responsibilities. Where most of the renowned brands target the upper-class consumers, Sohel took the initiative to provide premium quality goods at the lowest possible price that are affordable for the consumers. Not only that, the variety of products will meet the demands regardless of any economic class. With that goal in mind, he started working on Kraft back in 2014; a brand that offers shoes and leather crafts which are accessible and affordable for all, ensuring the best quality. Later on, the retail store of Kraft started its operation in 2020. As per the strategic goal of Kraft, to be accessible and affordable for all, Sohel took the initiative to launch the e-commerce marketplace site which will facilitate “one-click away” accessibility for customers from home and abroad.

Being the first Chattogram-based brand to establish a national and international benchmark, a business that will manage everything from a single store via an e-commerce platform, it sets the long-term objectives to include clothing and apparel line for everyone, available to all consumer classes that would step into the international fashion industry that would represent Bangladesh to the world.

When asked about his investment goal and current planning, Sohel states that “My investment into the SME initiative will set a model with a low-budget investment that reaches every doorstep around the world from a single click where high-end technology is experimented with.” He adds, “I do not compromise with quality, punctuality at work and my social commitment towards fulfilling the social responsibilities towards my city and my country as a responsible citizen.”

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