An Inspiring SOCOM Marine & His Real Estate Empire

A tough man with a sharper brain than a knife, William Grimes has truly created his empire in ways that are inspiring. Looking at his career we can surely say a man with a vision never fails. He joined the United States Marine Corps where he was involved with SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and was the counter sniper instructor for the 1st marine division. Post that he took up government contract work, sliding his way into police work in Aurora Colorado where he won the Medal of Honor/Guardian Angel award from the Aurora Fire Department for his actions on duty. And in no time he built his own Real Estate Company that reached the top 1% and .5%.

The Company And Its Milestones

With his real estate venture, he made a whopping 240K in his first year as an agent. And this turned to 200K per month on commission and a 13+ million the company makes in total volume. And the next big thing was, the company got both Platinum and Diamond awards from Berkshire Hathaway for being top 1% and top .5% in the world. They also have a podcast “DayOneDollarZero” which is streaming currently with 30+ per episode. It talks about how they created the business from scratch and the SOCOM background applies to the business world.

A father of two, Grimes’s real inspiring drive is his kids. They are the driving force for his exceptional work in the real estate world. He also desires to influence people, starting from his children. He looks forward to teaching people out there about the real and twisted business & life tactics that will help them create a change. He wants to become an influencer or maybe a guiding force and not just a motivational speaker.

When asked about his goal with the company, he said he sees a future where he has over 10K real estate agents in his business and 4 major speaking events every year.
“Don’t be emotional about the business decisions you make. Be resourceful. Adjust to the market as it is, not how you wish it were,” advice from the real MVP, William Grimes.

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