Anirban Mitra

Anirban Mitra – a verified Musical artist and young Digital marketer from India

Anirban Mitra is a social media influencer, artist, entrepreneur, wikialpha. Aged 17, Anirban Mitra (Born 31 May 2004 in Kolkata, West bengal, India).

Since his childhood, Anirban Mitra had a keen interest in trying new things. His schoolmates, who are mostly hailed from Kolkata, and who recall that Anirban’s thinking style was different than many other individuals.

At the age of 11, he opened his company named Anirban Editx, Jol chobi studio and SpecialHQ, while working at Artist, Chief video editor, Entrepreneur, with a vision of becoming one of the greatest in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Anirban tells us, “Almost all countries in the world today are affected by the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, it is not possible for me to work outside the home. So I write songs at home as well as work for my digital marketing company. And my songs are on almost all music platforms.” Anirban Mitra Believes Everyone Can Thrive Using Social Media Platforms But Youngsters Should Not Stop Learning And Improving Their Skills Every Day. Anirban Again Becomes A Good Example For Those Who Wants To Make Their Career In Digital and Social Media Marketing. Anirban tells us that “it doesn’t take any educational qualification to be a digital marketer if one has intellectual & research thinking”

Anirban mitra is very popular for his music edm and his fabulous sketches. He won the hearts of many listeners through his songs and his art works. Anirban mitra is successful today for those who support Anirban. Anirban mitra was also awarded as the Best Young Film editor at a program by OSF production house.

Anirban mitra is a very passionate, dedicated talented boy from the City of Joy (KOLKATA) and He is also a Guinness Mass Attempt World Record Holder, Anirban mitra the youngest Bengali to receive The Mass Attempt Guinness World record holder Title for his incredible masterpiece on a single leaf. He is now an Internet sensation, at the age of 11years, he started freelancing. He always wanted to do something different from others. He worked hard, worked night by night to fulfill his great dreams.

He is featured in many websites and live shows/interviews and he is the inspiration of many for his famous line “Failures are part of life, if you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you don’t change. If you don’t change, you don’t grow.”

Verified Spotify Artist

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