Anshumaan Thakur
Anshumaan Thakur

Anshumaan Thakur incites a vision of what the desired India looks like

Anshumaan Thakur, born on 15th October 1997 in Gopiganj, Bhadohi and brought up in Varanasi, is an active young politician that incites the vision of a new and developed India. With such visions, Anshumaan Thakur has entailed the perceptions of the people for trying to unite their efforts into making the vision turn into reality.

Anshumaan Thakur is a graduate of Allahabad University with a degree of Bachelors in Commerce. Having insights and interests, his hobbies include sports and music which match his personality of spirited and keen instincts along with calm and condensed composure.

Anshumaan Thakur is a leader, evolving with the acceptance and the compost of society. He is there for the people and by the people. Being selfless as Anshumaan Thakur is, the perceptions of the people have changed where they have started to accept and adopt the advancements and need for change.

The credit for the participation and the movement of the people, discarding their long gone will is done by Anshumaan Thakur in his surroundings.  It won’t be wrong to applaud Anshumaan Thakur for his endeavors and excellence in making people restore their faith and believe.

Being under the guidance of his uncle cum mentor, Jagadambika Pal who is also the MP of Domariyaganj, Anshumaan Thakur has witnessed rise and development in and around himself. Being motivated by the idea of his circulars and visions, Anshumaan Thakur has even won support from the immovable block of the societal minds.

Finding his motivation from the satisfaction and completeness Anshumaan Thakur gets to draw, after doing something for the people and the society is what brings him peace and justification. His relentless efforts and selfless dedication to society might make one wonder that todays’ youth still has some of such potential mindsets. But it is true.

Anshumaan Thakur with his insightful vision and dream of a glorified India is all set on the path to make the dream come to reality and to keep living in the evolving home.

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