“April Fool’S” : Jill Biden Pranks staff, Disguised As Flight Attendant

When US first lady Jill Biden was returning from a trip to her home in Washington after visiting California on Thrusday, she disguised herself as flight attendant in order to prank with the staff and reporters who were also flying back with her. Biden’s intention was to make ‘April Fool’ everyone.

It has been known that, on Thrusday a woman with short black hair and a black face mask and a nametag that read “Jasmine” was serving dessert, that is, ice creams of vanilla flavour with hard chocolate coating in the flight as the first lady of US was returning home from California.

After five minutes of completing the task, Biden makes her presence again in the press section and removing her wig, she discloses her disguise and says that she is none other than Jill Biden herself.

With a tickling mood, she tells the reporters “April Fool’s!”

The ice cream bar incident is not the first time Biden has tricked fellow travelers aboard her plane.

She once stuffed herself in an overhead compartment on Air Force Two when her husband Joe Biden was vice president, shouting “Boo!” at the first person to open the bin, according to US media.

A pool report on Thrusday’s incident admitted that the journalists had been “totally fooled” but took “comfort in the face that none of FLOTUS’ staff recognized Dr. Biden in disguise either.”

The vanilla ice cream bars with hard chocolate coating “were delicious”, it added.

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