Arslan Aslam is taking giant strides towards success with his influencer and music skills.

This Dubai based creative powerhouse has excelled in dual fields and is predicted to join the big league soon.

There are many rising influencers and artists you should be following this year as they have created their own distinct mark in the digital world and have pulled in massive number of followers. These talented individuals have done exceedingly well in their respective zones and have spun their web making people follow them in large numbers. Some have grabbed all the attention owing to their distinct style and presentation, which makes them stand out from the crowd and shine bright. Arslan Aslam is one amongst them who has managed to make heads turn owing to his impeccable influencer skills as well as singing prowess, which has catapulted him to the highest pedestal within no time.

This Dubai, UAE based sensation has taken the digital world by storm as people have been going ga ga over his creative presentations which have garnered a huge fan following across major social media platforms. He is social media and music circles blue-eyed boy who never fails to impress with his amazing quality of work. Apart from excelling as a social media star and music artist, he has also gained prominence on popular video sharing platform TikTok, where his music endeavours have been greatly appreciated. That’s not all, his Instagram also boasts of a huge fan following who find him to be the most engaging online personality ever seen till date.

His popularity has been pushed to further limits now with him featuring in singer Karan Aujla’s next music presentation, which has gathered enough buzz well before its release. Karan Aujla, as we all know is an established Indian singer, lyricist and rap artist who rules the music scene across North India. He has been giving consistent hits like “Chitta Kurta”, “Don’t Worry”, “Don’t Look”, and many more till date making him one amongst the best in the music industry. That’s not all some of his tracks have even gained recognition having been featured in UK Asian chart by the official charts company as well in the global YouTube music chart.

“It’s a privilege to join hands with such a talented artist who has made his own distinct mark in the world of music and our collaboration will set the music arena on fire, for sure,” claims Arslan speaking about their association for the upcoming project.

To know more, follow him on Instagram: @arslanaslamofficial.

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