At the time of economic slowdown young digital entrepreneur Mohit Patel is opening the world of opportunities for the youth

We all know that due to Pandemic COVID-19 the world economy is going through a rough phase. As lockdown has forced industries to shut down for time being lacs of people are either loosing jobs or facing pay cuts. But at this difficult time also there are entrepreneurs and organizations which are still providing opportunities to human capital. Mohit Patel a young Social Media expert and digital entrepreneur is one among such people.

Mohit Patel , Founder and owner of MP Media Promotions. understands very well that the new work place has changed from traditional office to virtual/online offices. New India has to shift towards becoming digital India. He feels that every youth should be empowered with apt digital skills to encash the countless opportunities digital world is offering them.

Mohit who himself is an expert in social media marketing and helping businesses and individuals to shift their marketing strategies and focus towards social media says “This New normal has awaken us, it has strengthened our determination to survive in most difficult situations. Sooner we accept this reality and shift our focus to new normal, better will be we prepared for any similar eventuality in future.” He further adds “ Although most of the youth is familiar with face or front end of social media, it is time to go deeper into back-end as well, because that’s the place where whole action is taking place. So update your skills in areas like digital marketing, digital content creation, graphic designing and many such areas. That’s where you will get ample of opportunities.”

Mohit Patel is always helping and motivating young generation to learn digital skills. He is even helping people who have skills but are new entrants in this field, to explore and find opportunities. His approach is more nationalist in this regard. He says “ we all are equally worried about the present situation and instability of future. But if we unite and work together, there is no such problem from where we can not come out. Each one should work on individual level to help and to provide recourse to as many as we can , this will not only help them to grow but us as well to move a step further.”

Mohit Patel is surely a man with great vision and patriot by heart. He is someone who believes that’s a nation succeeds with every citizen’s progress. He is definitely someone to take inspiration from.

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