Australia and New Zealand will open a travel bubble starting April 19

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Arden tells to media in the meantime of the press conference that New Zealand will open travel bubble with Australia on 19th April at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand on April 6, 2021.

On 6th April, New Zealand has declared that a long-coveted travel bubble will start with Australia from 19th April.

The commencement of without quarantine travel between the neighbouring countries provides reliefs to the families whose member has been separated from them due to the COVID-19 pandemic and by the tourist operators.

This declaration of Tuesday and starting the bubble since before the midnight of 19th April, will allow the tourists to come and go between the two countries without spending quarantine at the first time when the COVID-19 pandemic started. This bubble will boost tourism industry and the family members who are separated from each other due to lockdown and border closures.

Ms. Arden says in a press conference, “The director general of health considers the risk of transmission of COVID-19 from Australia to New Zealand is low and that quarantine-free travel is safe to commence.”

The decision of New Zealand makes the two countries first in the world to establish a bubble like this following Taiwan and the Pacific island nation of Palau.

Addressing the Australians, Ms. Arden said, “It is ultimately a change of scene that so many have been looking for. You may not have been in long periods of lockdown, but you haven’t had the option. Now you have the option, come and see us.”

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