Australian Cricket Asst Coach lauds the Youngsters of India after their first ever Test

India’s victory at Gabba was one of the iconic and historical win for India, It broke many records as well as made some records. Australian Cricket Asst Coach Sridharan Sriram said that the youngsters left no stone unturned to outshadow Australian cricket team that was one of the strongest and best among all the cricket teams.

He says even Australian cricketers had a fair idea about the playing style of youngsters like Shardul thakur, Mohammed Shiraj, Shubhman Gill and Washington Sundar, however seeing their performing was severely amazing.  Shubman Gill and Rishabh Pant were the ones whom they knew about, but the remaining of them were just out of syllabus.

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Shardul Thakur (L), Washington Sundar (centre) and Mohammed Siraj (R)(HT Collage)

The tour in Australia wasn’t easy for anyone, neither the players nor the supporters and Indian tourists who went so long to Australia just to witness the match. On top of that seeing the seniors players getting injured one after another was a major set up.

Even in such a scenario, the youngsters taking the lead right from their first match was something very commendable. It was truly an unexpected game as said by the Australia coach. For more updates on the recent cricket news, stay tuned to the latest news and posts of The Midget Herald.

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