B3t on Yours3lf, An all-female Hip-Hop Band stealing hearts around the world.

Powerful women are gradually taking hold of gender inequality norms, and music, according to B3t on Yours3lf, is one way to do so.

“Women don’t belong in here, Rap is for men” “How long will they be ready to survive with this competition?”, Underestimation is one of the greatest weakness any person can have. It just shows how because one person does not possess certain talent, they can go around de-motivating others and ruin their chance at success. Especially in a male-dominated industry, these comments are pretty common that women hear and still manage to grow higher and create their self-worth. In an industry like Hip-Hop, the most delusional trait one can possess is that women can’t rap and to change this spectrum, we came across an all women hip hop band that is here to break all stereotypes and revolution the industry.

Charlie, A.K and Porsha or who we call these days, an American All-Female Hip-Hop band -B3t on Yourself, has gained a lot of popularity with their new single ‘They like’. With more than 800k plays on YouTube, the famous band has gained about 17.4k followers on Instagram. The lyrics of their song portray how women can be ravishing, independent and ratchet.

Charlie, A.K., and Porsha are from Providence, Los Angeles, and Tampa, respectively, and had met at a club in Los Angeles. They began working and recording their first single after signing a dual management contract. “We’re the feminine version of what men are doing for years, we finally get to say and do exactly what we want,” says A.K. The dynamic group believes in creating an atmosphere where women can succeed and win in an industry that has been dominated by men since its inception.

They consider themselves to be strong-willed leaders who want to reform gender disparity norms, and music is one means of achieving this goal. The group’s differences, from their fashion sense to their vocals, serve as a strength in creating unique content. “We’re both true to ourselves, but we’re still so dissimilar. We’re like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly,” says A.K. Their content creation approach entails learning from the errors of others and making something unique. Queen Beyoncé is their prime inspiration for doing so.

Stay tuned for more from B3t on Yours3lf, and make sure to follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/b3tonyours3lf and Instagram: www.instagram.com/b3tonyours3lf

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