Bailey Knight: Taking over the e-commerce world with his dropshipping business.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur is driven by his grit and passion for creating milestones with his businesses.

It is very surreal to know more about people who are driven by their passion and innate skills to take over their areas of interest. All these individuals make every possible effort in creating a unique place for themselves in their respective fields. This constant hustling and hard work helps them get nearer their goals in life, ultimately helping them reach their definition of success. We came across one such entrepreneur who always believed in his dreams and has now taken over the vast space of e-commerce with his dropshipping business; he is Bailey Knight, a 25-year-old branding and marketing expert who in just two years have taken his dropshipping business to exponential levels of success.

Bailey Knight hails from Cardiff, Wales and since a very early age if anything that ever attracted him then it was the idea to create something of his own. He understood that he was made for the world of business and hence, to gain great experiences first, he began working at Frankie and Benny’s at the age of 16. He worked at the same for five years. As he turned 21, he joined the Integral UK and rendered services for two years. He confesses that the online world changed his life completely when he met his friend and business partner Jay and instantly understood his true calling.

After both of them turned great friends, Bailey Knight listened to what his heart sought, quit his job and jumped into the vast entrepreneurial world with Jay. He quit his job with the aim to create his own brands, which he took as a risk at that point in his life. The fruits of which have now taken him to higher levels of success in the business world. Bailey Knight is today a successful dropshipping entrepreneur, who has taken over the e-commerce space. He operates his dropshipping business across the globe with numerous brands online via Shopify.

Working for his dreams and creating a bright future for himself in the entrepreneurial world is what Bailey Knight always wanted to do. When he found his passion for dropshipping, he understood his purpose in life and since then has never looked back. Even amidst lockdown, the youngster has been able to make £1M+ revenue, thanks to his relentless hard work and passion.

Bailey Knight has to his credit a joint business with Jay and two other flourishing businesses, which has made him one of the youngest and the most successful entrepreneurs in the e-commerce world. To know more, follow him on Instagram @knight.

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