Bangladesh to Impose 7-Day Nationwide Lockdown Amid Spike in COVID-19 Cases

The Seikh Hasina government, that is, the government of Bangladesh has decided to keep up a lockdown again for a week throughout the nation on Saturday as the new COVID-19 cases has reached to the level of 6,830 on Friday, taking the similarity of infections to 6,24,594. The lockdown will start from Monday and last till Sunday.

The Dhaka Tribune newspaper has reported that the Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader has declared his speech by briefing at a media in Dhaka on Saturday.

Quader, the general secratory of the ruling Awami League, has said that in order to decrease the speed of the virus, the government has declared a week lockdown from Monday as the corona virus is spreading its power across the country.

However, this rule is not applicable for utility & emergency services. On the other hand, factories too will remain open so that the workers can work shifts obeying hygiene rules, the report is saying.

Farhad Hossain, State Minister for Public administration has said to the Dhaka Tribune, “Every office and court will be closed during this lockdown but industries and mills will continue their operation on rotation.”

To the answer of the question why industries will be open, the minister said, “If we close the mills when the workers may have to leave their workstations and head for home.”

The buses are not allowed to carry passengers more than half of their seating capacity and have to obey the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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