BCCI Secretary confirms that he will be informing ICC about shifting T20 World cup to UAE

The T20 Works cup 2021 was destined to be played in India in 2021. However with the second wave of coronavirus and seeing the current situation of the country, the entire tournament will be shifted to UAE.

“We will inform ICC today that we are shifting the T20 World Cup to UAE. The dates of the tournament, the ICC needs to decide,” the BCCI Secretary told ANI.

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Before also, ICC has clearly stated that BCCI would host the rights od the tournament even if the tournament is played out of India. Also at the same time, BCCI chairman dad, Sourav Ganguly said that keeping the health conditions of the players as a paramount importance, the IPL 2021 will be postponed and scheduled in UAE later in 2021. It would be played by September 19th and expected to be over by 15th of October unless and until another terrible covid waves arrives in UAE as well.

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Cricket West Indies President Ricky Skerritt stated his confirmation that CWI, the BCCI, and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) are deciding  CPL schedule to allow the second phase of the IPL. The CPL, which was scheduled to start on August 28, will  be played in St Kitts and Nevis. The date of the match being in between August 26 and September 15. For more updates on the recent Hollywood and celebrities news, stay tuned to the latest news and posts of The Midget Herald.

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