Behnood Javaherpour the top-notch fashion designer shares all about his success story:


Behnood Javaherpour is a famous entrepreneur, fashion designer and art connoisseur who has reached the top in this competitive industry only because of his skills, ideas and dedication towards work. He has made the creative industry better with his brands “Behnoode” and “Behnoode Foundation”.

“Had I not listened to what my heart sought and my desire of want I wanted to be, or how I wanted my journey to be, I wouldn’t have reached thus far,” says Behnood Javaherpour. “Behnoode Foundation” is the art museum made by him where he shows his love for art like contemporary, modern and fine art, celebrating the artistic mastery of different artists of the world and “Behnoode” is his best clothing brand. Both of these are running in business smoothly.

Behnood always wanted to be successful and he used to put every effort he could so he doesn’t miss out on something at work. He says shares three things that will help him keep on moving in his life. The first is being positive, h says no matter what situation one is facing, they should always find some positivity and fight the odds by being brave. The second is being passionate. Being passionate about work means one loves doing their job. Being in love with fashion and art, Behnood’s innovation in these industries has helped him succeed so much. The third is being consistent, being consistent helps one to reach close to their goals and due to this reason Javaherpour is always creating new designs and amazing the world. He says, “People who are determined to find their definition of success do not wait for the right opportunities but walk their path and create opportunities for themselves like I did many years ago when the world did not even face disturbing times.

Behnood Javaherpour believes that an individual has to learn about their work, remember all their valuable lessons and improve themselves each day as professionals. A person should ways be taught what’s right or wrong and also the importance of success. Behnood is always grateful to his parents because of their support and what they taught him. From the very beginning, he has worked hard alone and everything he wanted in life is now accomplished. He took risks along his journey because one should always come out of their comfort zone and try new things and then only, they can learn and grow more as well as expand their knowledge.

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