Bharath Gowda hoskote believes ‘Money , isn’t how much we have , it is how much we give’ .

Producer Bharath Gowda , believes that “one having a lot of money cannot buy happiness , but spending those for people who are in real need , could eventually reward us with happiness”. He also says that you think about helping lord manjunatha will give u all power to do that . When asked what motivates you for all this social works , ‘Dr.Veerendra heggade and Shri Shiva Kumara swamy’s way of living and giving’ is what motivates me the most is what he answered , this man brought up in a small village near hoskote , is now a well known producer , a social worker, a business man , and a sports enthusiast . A perfect example of multitasking is bharath gowda hoskote , he aims to bring young talents to kannada film industry who are capable and not getting chance to prove themselves , he is a man of words ,best example for that is he has announced about making another movie with the same actor as lead , even before his first film to be released . and that shows his positive way of thinking. Dream big and work hard to achieve that , nothing comes for free in this world is what he believes and also tells that to the youngsters who wants to come forward in life , “struggles are temporary but once u achieve what you wanted , life feels to be easy and happier”says bharath gowda.

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