Indian Prime Minister along with Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah and other BJP leaders addressing a press conference at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi, India, on Friday, MAY17, 2019. Photographer: T. Narayan/Bloomberg

BJP chief ministers feel the heat from party contenders, cadre

The list of troubled chief ministers in BJP ruled states has been growing in the last few months with contenders for the post within the party and the team refreshing their grievances to the high command.

BJP General Secretary in-charge of Karnataka Arun Singh is on a visit to Karnataka to deal with the irritation against Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa.

Since Yediyurappa is heading a government cobbled together with the support of legislators who defected from Congress, he has had to accommodate them in his ministry. This has also led to disappointment among the BJP leaders who feel they have been disadvantaged of their due.

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Yediyurappa heading a government

Singh is in Karnataka to calm the protesters and hear their sadness. Asked about remarks by BJP lawmakers against the CM, Singh told reporters, “Any MLA or party worker should always keep in mind that he should not do anything that harms the party in any way. They should not give any statement or take any step or utter anything that harms the party. They should think of this before they speak.”

”Yediyurappa’s age, health is not good. He is not in the spirit to run the government. Under his guidance, party should lodge somebody else. Family intervention in administration is becoming worst.”

As well as he claimed that Yediyurappa’s son and his friends were collecting funds. Some tenders were given arbitrarily, he told a news agency.

However, it would not be easy to replace Yediyurappa despite these charges and his age (he is 78) as he is the undoubted leader of the Lingayat community which constitutes 17% of the electorate and supports BJP.

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Madhya Pradesh BJP Chief VD Sharma and general secretary (organisation) Suhas Bhagat have also tried to claim their authority in the present set-up. Sharma was in Delhi last week to meet the central leadership to complain against Chouhan, BJP sources said.

BJP has preferred to have a OBC chief minister in Madhya Pradesh in recent years- from Uma Bharati to Babulal Gaur and then Chouhan who is in his fourth term. The central leadership will have to think twice before replacing Chouhan.

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