Blessing to the mankind, The socialist Akmal Ali Khan

It takes one person to make the difference in the society but to be that one person takes a lot of guts, big heart and hard work without the motive of personal benefit. One such person who believes in outcome rather than income is Akmal Ali Khan.

Akmal Ali Khan is a young seeker who wants to take a step forward and benefit the society in the best way possible. He is people’s person who aims to do the best for the humans around. One such evidence of his greatness is the fact that how he distributed masks and sanitizers during the coronavirus pandemic situation.

Being a great communicator he organised numerous campaign fo spread awareness about the coronavirus. During his campaigns he demonstrated to people how to wear the mask properly and to practice social distancing. He also supported various who lost their jobs. Akmal believes that if we all will come together as one we can beat the virus.

Not only during the pandemic his helping spirits came out but during the general hours, Akmal has supported lots of people. He has encouraged needy people like children of orphanages and people in old age homes by visiting them regularly. Akmal’s traits are what make him adorable in the eyes of the public.

Akmal exhibits numerous qualities which makes him extraordinary and unique. He was elected as the student union president of Maulana Azad National Urdu University because of his strong leadership skills. He has done some incredible work being the president of the student union.

Akmal displays a powerful willingness to make the world a better place. His passion, resilience, and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives have made him a remarkable personality in the eyes of the World.

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