Boris Johnson Announces Free Coronavirus Tests and Status Certificates for England

London- The british leader aka Prime Minister Boris Johnson has plans for the next step of a cautious reopening since the lockdown began in January. On Monday, the Prime Minister has declared free COVID-19 tests for two times in a week in England and the status certificates of COVID-19 which will give permission to the people to enter into nightclubs and sporting events with immunity.

As the country is returning to its normalcy, the British government has to hear the significant question which is how they will distinguish the people who are safe from the virus and who are suffering from it.

In a news conference of 10 Downing Street, Mr. Johnson says, “I will be going to the pub myself and cautiously but irreversibly raising a pint of beer to my lips”. He said the country of Britain that it will design a way for the certification of anyone’s covid status if any people wishes to enter higher-risk settings.

Mr. Johnson decides to test the matter of covid passports in pilot locations while he says, “You’ve got to be very careful in how yo handle this and don’t start a system that is discriminatory.”

The prime minister has given permission to reopen to the nonessential shops, beer gardens in pub in England and hairdressers. He hasn’t commented about overseas travel which was about to restart on 17th May.

Johnson plans to differntiate countries following the traffic light system; tourists from yellow countries have to keep themselves in isolation at home for several days, tourists from green countries don’t need isolation and tourists from red countries need to keep the quarantine up in hotels.

Professor King says, “the level of the virus in the country is so high that there is no reason to think we are out of this yet” while he gives credit to the government for finally becoming so cautious.

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