Chanchlesh Vyas and his commitment in NSUI and influence Youngsters about digitalisation and Digital India

Never doubt a thoughtful, committed citizen which can change the world and Chanchlesh Vyas is one of them who was born and brought up in the small town of Piplia Mandi, Madhya Pradesh. He belongs from the middle class and non-political background but his potential and hard work took him to the path of success.
In 2011 he introduced himself in social reforms as a GS ( general secretary) of NSUI (National students union of India) which was organised and founded by Indra Gandhi to form empowerment of student community to create responsible citizens and leaders based on values of democracy, secularism, liberty, quality and equality. Vyas was one of them who took active participation in secularism, social justice and nationalism.
In 2013, Vyas actively started working under the leadership of youth congress president, Kunal Chaudhary and became one of the noticed faces decisively.
He was also appointed as coordinator in the youth congress IT cell which includes the work related to the website, information technology, digitalisation, Digital India, liaison/coordination with NIC etc.
When no one was familiar with IT cell, Vyas took active participation as coordinator in youth congress IT cell where he encouraged youth and brought a outshine future for all who are unemployed even after having master degrees. After working as IT cell coordinator for more than 2 years he was appointed as president of the Indian youth congress Madhya Pradesh IT cell on August 23, 2019. In the middle of this, when the Congress government came in power to Madhya Pradesh, Vyas was appointed as public participation chairman of Atal Bihari Vajpayee government college Piplia Mandi from 23rd October 2019 to 6th May 2021.
He followed the principles of Rahul Gandhi which says “ The darkest point is always followed by light. One will have to learn life’s lessons during tough times as it will inevitably pass and will be followed by better time” and Vyas carried it out in his works. After being appointed as the president of the IT cell for the second time under the leadership of state Congress president Kamal Nath Ji and state youth congress president Vikrant Ji Bhuria, Chanchlesh Vyas started engaging in a campaign to connect youth to IT cell to boost it in every assembly of Madhya Pradesh and make a reach of his voice to the youngsters. So, Chanchlesh Vyas the young politician given us the confidence to start believing there is a better politics and better future for those who dream to achieve and our society need more leaders like chanchlesh vyas to make this nation even better.

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