Chef Mohamad Chabchoul Pairs Lebanese Dishes with Middle Eastern Cuisines

The beautiful Dubai has established itself as a fast-growing cosmopolitan city that offers various attractions for tourists across the whole world. This has also brought Middle Eastern cuisine along with other different cuisines to the forefront of the international food scene. If you find yourself seeking an authentic food experience in the gleaming desert metropolis, you should definitely contact Chef Mohamad Chabchoul.

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul is famous for working with interesting pairings, modern cooking techniques and his experience of more than 2 decades and in many different countries.

Chabchoul can prepare dishes that run from mind blowing surprises of sharp and vivid combinations to more subtle and elegant offerings. What often stands out in the dishes are those tasty bites when, instead of picking at a single item on the plate, one combines all for a wonderful bite of a perfect balance. Tasting exactly how, combined, all the ingredients on the plate play together.

Chef Chabchoul had learned to cook the food from his mother while he was young. To explore the world, just before leaving Lebanon, he made sure that he attained enough of what Lebanon has to offer by working in different regions inside the country. He left the Lebanon and started exploring different countries to gain more experience.

Now he has a work experience in grand hotels like Le Meridian, Four Seasons Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, etc., just to name a few. As of this date, he is working for Grand Millennium Business Bay in Dubai.

You can find his recognitions and awards listed below:

  • Excellence Chef Awards: The Young Achiever of the Year 2021
  • The Pro Chef ME Awards 2019. Category: Middle Eastern Speciality Chef.
  • Certified as HACCP and ISO Implementation internal auditing and awareness.
  • Nomination for employee of the month (2006) at four seasons hotel.
  • Certificate from (HACCP) in food hygiene.
  • Certificate of appreciation from intercontinental and Crown plaza Dubai.
  • Bronze medal with salon culinary Dubai. 2009
  • Gold Medal (five courses gourmet) with salon culinary Dubai 2012.
  • Employee of the month (May 2009) at Intercontinental hotel.
  • Certificate of appreciation from Chef Geoff Havilland (Executive Chef intercontinental hotel)
  • Nomination for Employee of the month (March 2010) at Fairmont Bab Al Bahar hotel.
  • Nomination for stare of the month (May 2010) at Fairmont Bab Al Bahar hotel.
  • 2013 Best Food & Beverage Operation Award for our group’s Asia, Middle East and Africa division.


Moreover, as the Internet spreads around the globe, so too does Chef Chabchoul’s accessibility to the foods from every continent he visits. However, Chabchoul reaches beyond the variety of easily transportable foods grown at the expense of flavour just to seek out succulent, flavorful, and essence of the fresh foods.

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