Chelsea Mimms, a boss lady who is young and an enthusiastic mother as well

The secret to happiness is to help others, helping others brings a sense of purpose. One such person who believes in uplifting others along with personal growth is Chelsea Mimms, hailing from Canada. She is a successful social media influencer with 17 K YouTube subscribers and 47 K Instagram followers. Credibility, attractiveness, and relatability are among the key attributes that she possesses.

Here is what being an Influencer looks like for Chelsea

Being an influencer means constantly evolving. When she started her career her content was based around hair, makeup, beauty etc. Currently, it is still based around those pillars but with more focus on self-love, self-care, kindness, and mommy recommendations now that she is a mother of a sweet baby girl. She also enjoys talking about her growth, tips and lessons learned so that others can learn from her experience and give this career a shot. Being trendy and being a mom is a lot of fun for her and allows her to make content that she enjoys while also sharing some amazing tips for fellow mothers, soon to be or individuals who love family content. YouTube was her first big step but due to a lot of work and editing, she got more into Instagram. She mentioned for her Instagram is a quick and easy way to share her ideas and connect with her followers.

When things took a turn for Chelsea

She started with her career when she 18 years old. Being a hard-working girl she has managed her path and faced her share of hardships too. She had recently lost a loved one and didn’t know what she wanted to do with her career. Although this career was not traditional, she knew with the support of her boyfriend and family she could do this. “It took me a while to realize that the people I want in my life should support me and whatever I choose to do. So that’s when I decided to go for it”, Chelsea said.

What Chelsea’s future holds

Social media is uncertain and forever changing but one thing that will remain true for Chelsea is her desire to nurture and care for others. “I just love to help and share any knowledge I have in hopes to inspire, help or entertain someone else. We are all on our journey and it is so important to uplift others, share what we know and live each day without fear of what others will say”, Chelsea remarked. She will continue to inspire and motivate all of us online through her social media platforms for years to come.

Media Contact Information:

Chelsea Mimms

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