Cleve Hall, Acclaimed Makeup Effects Artist, Dies at 61

Cleve Hall, who is a special effects and make up artist, and worked for Twisted Nightmare and Book of Fire, has died on Wednesday from a heart attack at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank at the age of 61. Mike Arnold, the hall’s publicist has assured his death to the reporters.

Constance Hall, Cleve Hall’s daughter, has created a Go Fund Me for making funds of her father’s burial costs after announcing his death. She wrote on Thrusday- “To all family, friends, fans and loved ones, we deeply regret to inform you of the passing of Cleve Hall or as he was lovingly known to many of his fans Monster Man. Cleve spent many many years as a Special makeup FX artist, foam fabricator, and horror movie actor. He was a family man, an adored father proud, grandpa and a beloved mentor.”

Cleve Hall was looked after by Constance, two other daughters and two grandchildren.

Cleve’s industry work was not only just limited to special effects and make up, but also spreaded on visual effects and costume design. He worked on several horror titles throughout the 80’s like Romano Scavolini’s Nightmare in 1981, Ghoulies in 1984, Re-Animator in 1985 and Twisted Nightmare in 1987.

He worked as a costume designer for the popular Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba!, which granted him a Daytime Emmy nomination for outstanding achievement in costume design in 2008.

Hall also showed his talent in the field of acting in the films titled Bloodstruck, Kung Fu Rascals and Terminal Force.

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