CM says no COVID-19 lockdown in Goa as it will disturb economic activities

The chief minister of the coastal town Goa, Pramod Sawant declared on Wednesday that again a lockdown is not possible as it would break up the entire economy of the state. The chief minister is recalling this time of last year and this reminiscence is stopping him from taking the action.

He thinks COVID-19 pandemic can’t be stopped in this way; safety measurements and vaccination are needed to control the spread of the virus. This state carries now 2,471 active cases.

The chief minister said, “There was drop in the collection of the GST, while industries such as tourism had suffered a jolt. We want to avoid the situation.”

Sawant said more that the Goa government has written to the Union Health ministry requesting to relax the age limit for vaccination for people of tourism and media industries.

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