Connecting the audience with his storytelling is robust content director Austin Ermes aka AUSGOD.

Austin Ermes crafts videos for the renowned YouTube channel Nelk Boys, and has launched his video production company, called AUSGOD.

The exponential rise of the content creation industry has given some marquee entertainers and creators. Hard work, passion, and the desire to excel in the field have led to the industry giving the world, some great gems. A creator’s greatest achievement is satisfying the audience and connecting with them. If a viewer connects with your content, then he will stay by it, defend it, and vouch for it, for many years. Creating a dynamic connection with the audience is a content director, who has captured videos of notorious pranksters, called Nelk Boys, and has risen to success with his smart storytelling skills, he is Austin Ermes.

Dubbed as Ausgod, Austin Ermes is a professional videographer who hails from Ontario, Canada. He did a diploma in Digital Communications at the University of Guelph-Humber. His first job was at East Coast lifestyle, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The brand attained great success after a short documentary, filmed by Austin Ermes, was pushed on its social media platforms. The video garnered over a million likes on YouTube, in just seven days. He further made a video on entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, which also got acclaim from the viewers. These boosted the confidence of Austin Ermes, who launched his video production company, called AUSGOD. This is how he came in contact with Nelk Boys, the popular group which posted pranks on their YouTube channel and decided to move to California, helming their weekly videos.

Austin Ermes’ direction of their videos was an instant hit, and their channel rose manifolds after his involvement. He strongly believes in connecting the audience with the story he wishes to tell, even if it is a prank video, the audience must be into it. He has a robust work ethic, inclusive of giving minute attention-to-detail, and not compromise on entertainment & production value. His creativity and humor raked in over six million subscribers, amassing an average of five million views per video. The channel, on the whole, has garnered nearly one billion views.

Austin Ermes has also worked hard on attracting advertisers and successfully marketed merchandise for Nelk Boys and its brand Full Send. Every Monday, a new video is released on the Nelk Boys’ channel, which is astutely crafted by Austin Ermes.

Austin Ermes’ desire to have a connection with the audience has helped him craft out some of the best videos in the content creation industry. What to know more about him? Follow him on Instagram @ausgod now.

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