Coocaa S6G Pro TV is making highlights in 2021. Know Why!

The S6G Pro Smart TV by Coocaa is everything desirable! We couldn’t be more excited about its magnificent picture quality and breathtaking design. Offering a stunningly sleek look that’ll complement your home sweet home on to the next level. Want a theatre-like experience? Say no more, S6G gives a perfect theatrical experience from the comfort of your couch. Coocaa is one of the most promising and quality-based companies across the globe, with their affordable S6G Pro range, it’s a dream come true for TV lovers.  

Premium High-end Design

Sleek design, super high-class quality and light on the pocket, S6G Pro is an ultimate choice to make your home from nay to yay super quick. Its richness and sheer quality are definitely going to earn you a lot of brownie points and wow’s from your guests. One-touch of this magnificent device will transform your home with brilliance.  

Picture Perfect Quality

Ranking in the top 5 Home Appliances category, Coocaa is here to make you drool with every move. Boasting an ULTRA-LARGE infinity screen, Chameleon Extreme 2.0 and 4K HDR10, empowering you to witness a sheer brilliance of vibrant colours and stunning resolution that screen enthusiasts will adore. 

Cinematic Super Sound   

Now, what’s a high profile TV without a super sound quality? The S6G Pro Smart TV by Coocaa blesses you with immersive audio and a majestic sound system that delivers Dolby Audio with DTS technology.  Coocaa TV consists of 2 speakers with 20W each, supporting AV1. To give you a proper theatrical experience, the device comes with noise cancellation technology; making it a heart-throb choice for music lovers.  

Ultra Advance & Ultra Style   

Going beyond the impressive picture-quality and top-class audio. The S6G Pro Smart TV is ultra advanced, with (Android 10.0) by supporting all the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar+, Zee5 and more. Talking about more wow-factors, the TV can be remotely controlled by inbuilt Google Assistant Voice Control, making it a perfect choice for everyone.  You can also add applications as per your convenience to the TV, how cool is that? Alongside, the users can connect their Mobile Devices and TV with the Bidirectional Bluetooth interconnection from which your Mobile Screen ‘Gets Bigger’.  


Coocaa is one fastest-growing TV brand on E-commerce websites, it not only promises top-notch quality but also gives a brilliant cinematic experience being light on your pocket. Coocaa has blessed us with Android 10 models in 43inch sizes, the S6G Pro series.  


The Coocaa S6G Pro is priced at ₹39,999 on Flipkart, proving it to be one of the top 55inch TVs under ₹40,000. It’s a total steal and an amazing opportunity for you to get your hands on this iconic piece. 

Coocaa SG Pro has ticked all the points of being an ‘Ultra Smart TV’ making it a no.1 choice of Indian households. It not only offers its users quality but delivers a promise of great performance.

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