Counter – Strike: Global Offensive turning into a reality show by Mega Influencer Bezlikiy

Mega Influencer Bezlikiy has unique idea of presenting CS:GO in front of the reality show audience. The recreation of the game into a reality show has created excitement between the viewers.

In the modern era everyone is competing with each other to make their presence count. Technology is playing a vital role in the quick changes happening around us. Utilizing resources and developing designs have become part of every entrepreneur’s life. Gaming world too has evolved with the time because of some intense, energetic and passionate players. An Instagram influencer from Russia named Bezlikiy decided to play the game on different field. He decided to bring the world famous and most played game Counter-Strike into a reality show. Counter-Strike is a series of multiplayer first-person shooter video games in which counter-terrorists try to prevent the battle to perpetrate an act of terror by terrorist. This show will have real players who will showcase their potential to the real crowd. Every player will be staying together under one roof to prove themselves and protect their team like professionals.

Reality shows have different fan base who are interested in knowing how an individual play for himself or team with the changing conditions. Bezlikiy has surprised the reality show audience with the innovation of bring the game into a reality show. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has acquired the position in the top 10 in the CIS and amongst the top 170 across the globe, becoming the participants of the show. The world’s largest video streaming service called Twitch know for specializing in computer games would be broadcasting it.  To showcase the maximum entertainment to the viewer’s live streaming on Twitch would be for 24/7 so that viewers can catch every moment and strategy of the game. This is going to be one that leads to produce other reality shows that follow the lives of eSports professional gamers for other games and in other regions of the globe. Bezlikiy’s unique idea has hit the news and made him renowned in no time.

To know more about him, follow him on Instagram @bezlikiy.

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