Covid survivors at higher risk of brain, mental health disorders: study

It is seen in a study of more than 2,30, 000 American COVID-19 patients that one among three COVID-19 overcomers suffers from psychiatric disorder within six months. On Tuesday, scientists told that this pandemic could occur neurological problems.

Researchers, who directed the analysis, told it was not comprehensible how the virus came in a relation with the mental disorders like depression and anxiety, but these had been the most common problems among the 14 diagnoses.

The patients, who had suffered from severe COVID-19, came across several psychiatric disorders such as stroke, dimentia, according to the researchers.

Max Taquet, a psychiatrist at Britain’s Oxford University, told, “Our results indicate that brain diseases and psychiatric disorders are more common after COVID-19 than after flu or other respiratory infections.”

According to the Lancet Psychiatry Journal, the cases of 2,36,379 of covid are from U.S. 34% among those patients suffer from mental disorder. The problems were effectively more usual in the cases of covid than other diseases such as flu and other respiratory disorders in the same time. Scientists think that COVID-19 is an impactful disease.

Research says, the people who suffer from COVID-19, 17% face anxiety and 14% face mood disorders. In cases of severe COVID-19, 7% come across stroke within six months and almost 2% come across dementia.

Paul Harrison, Oxford psychiatry professor, told, “Although the individual risks for most disorders are small, the effect across the whole population may be substantial.”

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