“Creating trends is fun” – Fashion blogger and Author Sonam Chanawala

Age is never a constraint for a dreamer. Sonam Chanawala is the voice of many folks looking for a bright life. The one who believes you can achieve your goals if you start paving towards your aim. The girl with a great vision and desire to pull off success no matter how many obstacles she faces. The story is about a woman who is the epitome of knowledge, peace, and simplicity.

Sonam Chanawala belongs to a Muslim family. Her family is her greatest support. Without her family, the success she has today would have not been possible. Her upbringing was done in a very latitudinarian and broad-minded manner. All these kept her out of all the societal constraints and restrictions.

We caught up with her recently and here is the interview:

What is the one most valuable tip you would give to budding digital creators?

One of the most valuable tips I would give to budding digital creators is to be original and don’t copy anyone.

Stick to one user name at all the social media platforms so people can connect to you easily. Tag and mention brands if you are wearing them.

There is space for everyone so create your own content in your own unique fashion.why to copy trends if you can be a trendsetter.

How did the journey of fashion blogging start?

I was always into fashion, styling. I used to do it for myself. It was my personal blogging account. Gradually brands started noticing and started getting collaborations and campaigning offers. That’s how my journey started.

Can you share a few style tips with young female readers who wish to raise the temperature at parties?

Few styling tips would be

Wearing monochrome more often will never go out of fashion.

And dress according to the occasion

But most importantly dress for yourself. Wear what makes you comfortable and happy.

How is author Sonam Chanawala different from fashion blogger Sonam Chanawala?

Author Sonam and blogger Sonam are very much the same. I do what I feel like doing it, I write melancholy when I am sad, I write love poetry when I feel like being loved.Accordingly I wear it according to my mood. Sometimes I am in a casual mood so I will wear some sneakers and jeans. For an outing. Sometimes I am in a mood to dress up so I go for gowns and bodycon dresses.it’s all about depends on my feelings.

What is your message to people who think career building is not possible in thirties?

Age is just a number, you can even start in your 60s, never give up, and hope for the best is my motto and it has helped me a lot.

Own your age. Wear it on your sleeves. You are who you are with your experiences and be proud of it. And shut the age shamers. By aging gracefully.

What do you have to say about the support you get from the family?

I am truly blessed to have a supporting family.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to grow more as a content creator. I don’t like to be in brackets. So I wanna try my hand at every possible thing as a digital creator. Be it writing, fashion, video making. I just want to create good content.

Share about your books!

I have been part of two anthologies

Frightening pulses, and unleashed thoughts and I am planning to write one novel as well soon.

How many books does Sonam Chanawala have in her shelf? And which ones are her favourite?

I am an avid read, I mostly prefer reading History, mythology, romance, tragedies, so coming back to your question there are so many books on my shelf that I have lost count now. Kavita kane, Sidney Sheldon and Ravinder singh are my all time favourite authors.

As a fashion and style blogger, do you believe in creating trends or following them?

Creating trends is more fun I guess.

What are some of the major brands that you have promoted on Instagram?

The dazzling diva has been featured in many verified and other brands like Quancious, Kaftedwithhappiness, is.Ufashion, yellow chimes, H&M style by you, Redwolfdotin, KOOVSfashion, Wearyouropinion, Berrylush, the label life, Trufflecollectionindia, be_sukhiaatma, puma as worn by you, For her fashion choices, and more. She has collaborated with all these brands on Instagram and is quite active on social media.

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