Crystal Rivers’s book ‘Secrets are out now’ is going to touch the right chords with the readers.

She has written the book on the lines of a true story which has created enough buzz of late.

This book by Crystal Rivers has the potential of leaving the readers asking for more, such will be the impact of its writings. It’s based on the story of a girl who has to deal with the adversities of life and face tough times one could ever imagine of. The characters are so well defined that readers would feel they are living the story. Such deep impact is guaranteed for sure if some experts on the subject are to be believed. It depicts the story of a girl who goes through abusive and unimaginable married life for nine consecutive times and fails in all. The story reveals the various facets of her life and the dwells deep into her lives struggles and how she fights to stand up against it. Readers would be surprised to know that the author Crystal Rivers has herself going through such unfavourable situations in her married life which made her express her experiences through her writings. All the while she had these deep secrets hidden deep inside her but eventually thought of bringing them in front of the world and that’s when the thought of writing the book occurred in her mind. “I want to tell my story through this medium and am very lucky to have gotten this opportunity to present my story through my book which I’m sure will be widely appreciated,” says Crystal. She thought this was the right time for everyone to have a glimpse about her life, which was worth dying a thousand deaths every day through her book.

Crystal truly believes that this book deserves a much wider audience reach and is now planning to make a film based on her books story. The characters, consequences and the way the story evolves would make it an interesting watch for sure and will definitely change the perspective towards life of many women out there who are silently suffering and hiding their pain behind a fake smile. She wants all the women who face abusive marriages to fight it out themselves and emerge victorious and strongly feels that if her books story is made into a movie, it would exude enough inspiration for them to take the right step and standup for themselves in the right way.

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