“Difference Between Feeling Something, Than Being Forced to Feel Something” – Creative Indie Artist Daniel Philip Strips it Down with his Single Cut Away.

Daniel Philip has an impressive following on social media not just because of his eccentric, artistic and wildly captivating lifestyle but also for his raw and honest music. The world is much closer to music now it seems as it’s very accessible and widely known as a means to communicate which drew our attention to his single “Cut Away” on Spotify.


There’s no doubt that in today’s global musical landscape, there’s an undeniably huge surge of prominent artists that are independently making their way onto headlines. Daniel’s singles are quite different and do not fit into the status quo in the industry. Intriguing story-telling…


We’ve sat down with Daniel Philip in his Warehouse bunker in Bali, Indonesia to finally make sense of the emotions he was trying to convey in his artistic form through Cut Away. According to the Indie artist, Music has never been his bread and butter. It’s his getaway. Every time he creates a wonderful piece of art and listens to it, it makes him disconnect from the world and get lost and leave the planet for a moment in pure euphoria and bliss. Like nothing matters. Just him and his creation.


He was in the Netherlands when he wrote the lyrics to this song. He spent half of his year there and had to endure not just the hectic lifestyle as an entrepreneur but also the loss of many of his loved ones. From having a heart wrenching break-up to his uncle in Australia dying, the song was merely a reflection of what he felt and dealt with at the time. Although he wrote the song in the Netherlands, he only was able to record the track in Bali, Indonesia. 


The single consists of a lot of adlibs of deep and existential conversations he had with his video content creator Christian.


“Difference Between Feeling Something, Than Being Forced to Feel Something” – Daniel Philip


Was one statement he added on his track. He never elaborated what that question really meant to him. However, the loss of something or someone is quite numbing. Perhaps that’s the underlying meaning to his question. His single Cut Away is by far the most heart-felt, purest, and honest musical arrangement he’d ever done by far which makes him a true passionate lover of the art of music. It’s a love story but also in a perspective of me remembering all those times something has been cut away from my life. Every day of my life feels like a DeJavu moment. ” – Daniel Philip


On a lighter note, we asked Daniel what he would cut away if given the chance. As per the young talented individual, he said he’d cut away bad habits and that would be his ego. His understanding of his true nature and acknowledgement of his flaws as a human being makes him a remarkable person to be an inspiration.


“Creating music is like painting for me. I project what I feel in the moment with my art. I don’t care what genre I’m in, I don’t care about my sound. I care about the feeling and the place it takes me or people for a moment” – Daniel Philip


Daniel’s vision and understanding of music is very striking unlike all other Indie artists. This characteristic and persona exudes in all of his creations that drew people to him and will draw a lot more. The rising artist has published a lot more singles on Spotify. He still has unfinished projects. He has been cooking up quite a lot of tracks that portray a serious gaping sound and storyline that evokes and transpires to millions of people. He strongly believes in comfort out of the uncomfortable. Music that’s raw, honest, true, and his. Although music right now is something he’s doing on the side, he will eventually spend more time on it which involves music videos and actual production. However, for now the creative artist is fully satisfied with what his music is to him. Check his music on Spotify.

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