Divya Gandotra Tandon: The Story Of A Young & Talented Girl Who Uplifted Others

In the last few years, there have been several crucial changes in the status and workplace diversity of women all over the world. India, too, has started recognizing the tremendous potential in its women and has put them on a global front. Women of all ages have been able to fit themselves in the various niches of the modern world that were mostly dominated by men in the past. Entrepreneurship is also now seeing a rise in the number of young females who are very confident and ready to take on whatever challenges the world throws at them. Divya Gandotra Tandon is one such name in the long list of young Indian women entrepreneurs that have taken on the digitalization revolution by storm. 

Divya was born on June 05, 2002, in the beautiful city of Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir. She completed her education in her school at Jammu and later settled in Noida to pursue higher studies. Like all entrepreneurs, her journey too began with an idea. She first laid eyes on YouTube when she was 15 years old. Slowly, she developed an obsession with it and spent most of her time watching the various videos on the platform. While doing so, she came across the Rags to Riches videos and was intrigued by the stories in them. Soon, she realized that she too can help someone to shape their lives and make her family feel proud of her by doing it. From there her real entrepreneurial journey began.

Divya had a peculiar interest in technology. On YouTube, she watched videos not just to entertain herself, but also to learn something new. She started researching the making of these videos and the various elements associated with them. While watching all the Rags to Riches videos, she got the tremendous inspiration to shape up her own life as well as others. She built her own YouTube channel at the age of 15. She had a firm belief that her parents would feel proud of seeing their daughter helping others. 

Divya was particularly interested in technology. On her YouTube channel, she used to regularly deliver unboxing, review, and tutorial videos of the latest and trending tech devices available in the market. She wasn’t just posting these videos but was also engaging the viewers to receive feedback about them. That’s why more and more people starting to subscribe to her YouTube channel. Their views helped Divya improve her content and post more amazing stuff. 

Besides being a famous YouTuber, she is also a certified professional in Fundamentals of Digital marketing by Google Unlocked. She has taken up important issues like Women Safety and has driven some notable initiatives for the same. Her contributions were recognized in the form of the Entrepreneur Young Achievers award in Delhi and the Incredible Indian Icon award in Indore. She has confidently faced all the ups and downs in her life. She never let the tough situations break her will to be successful. The YouTube community gave her the title of ‘Tech Girl’ for all her work on the platform.

Divya has proved that gender and age can never hold you back from reaching your goal. Be confident about yourself and see the great wonders that you can do. At the age of 18, she established The Scoop Beats, a company of her own, and is now its CEO. It has a followership of about 90,000 and is doing extremely well in business. Divya has also been working as an influencer on Instagram for the past few months. It appears she has decided not to restrict herself to one platform. She has been an inspirational figure for all the budding young female entrepreneurs in India. She has uplifted the lives of 600 people on her journey as an influencer. She is also engaged in Celebrity management, social media management, and online influencing. Divya is now aiming to introduce a few more companies and brands to the market as she wanted to visit Caracas (Venezuela). 

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