Divyarchna Rathi is adept at image public relations and reputation management

What makes you follow an influential personality on social media or subscribe to an interesting email newsletter? The content. It has become extremely crucial for businesses, brands and even influencers to not just survive but also stand out among competitors in the digital world. Content that is slightly hatke and yet strikes a chord with the audience is the way to go to create a niche on any digital platform.
Emphasizing on the same, PR executive of Flairius private limited, Divyarchna Rathi believes that one has to be always on their toes. “You just cannot be unaware of what the ongoing trends are and what your competitors are doing. For a business to thrive, a brilliant content strategy is the way to go forward. Without that, no matter how hard you try, it is going to be difficult for the brand to sustain.”
The reason why content plays such an important role today is because it is the first thing that the audience can relate to. “It’s what you do and how you do – Content is everything! Whether it is sharing something on social media, coming up with video content on Instagram and other platforms, creating original and good content has always been considered an effective way to grow a brand. The process can sure be slow but it will eventually help increase viewership over a period of time.”

“Another reason how content can help boost your business is by driving traffic to your website. And once you have successfully driven the audience to your site or your social media page, it’s all about how you communicate with them. And that’s where content comes into the picture,” adds Divya.
Always bringing her A-game to the table, Divya is an experienced entertainment publicist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. At 19 years of age, Divya has successfully established herself among the talented female in the entertainment and business industry.

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