DJ Scher : A 20-year-old Social Media Influencer who is helping people to accomplish growth.

He loves to help brands and businesses expand their reach through his social media marketing skills.

David Scher aka DJ Scher, born in New Jersey is a 20 years old online marketing strategist who has accomplished his goal of making it big in his career as a influencer. There are three businesses that are run by DJ Scher which are doing exceptionally well. The talented youth loves to spend his time and focus on Digital Marketing, dropshipping as well as talent representation. David has been very much obsessed with social media since when he was a teenager. Initially, he took it as his hobby, later realising the extreme growth potential it carried and used the medium to its optimum levels to churn out opportunities. He went ahead to become a social media influencer and developed a large array of skills related to Social Media Marketing (SMM). Today with time spent on the craft and experience, David possesses an in-depth knowledge of engagement, reach, growth, and everything that is needed to make a brand or business succeed. This was one of the foremost reasons of establishing his own marketing agency named Scher Marketing. David has big plans for the future and is working hard towards accomplishing the same. Currently, he delivers impressive social media brand growth and model management successfully.

DJ Scher, currently living in LA, helps you to bring up your services or products through his target oriented marketing strategies which can catapult your business to dizzying heights. When asked what are the best perks of doing this business DJ Scher is quick to answer “I love to see people grow through my efforts and it gives me an extreme sense of satisfaction when I see the Investments that my clients have made have turned into a winning digital marketing strategy which has reaped results thrice the amount invested, that’s my prize.”

He has eventually topped the game with his entrepreneurial success and is still raring to go that extra mile to achieve more milestones.

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