Dr. Kumar B.G’s Journey On Personality Enhancement Via Traveling.

They say that knowledge can be gained in various ways but the only way to gain life-altering knowledge is by being with nature. Dr. Kumar B.G is excellent at his profession. After completion of his MBBS and MD from Government Madras Medical College, Chennai, he has served the nation by helping several people to get well from their diseases. Not only that, but he has also worked with the “ save a child” foundation, and raised over 1 lakh.

Though his deed makes him an amazing personality it got enhanced ten folds when he started pursuing his passion for traveling and photography. While strolling through a garden he spotted a two-headed butterfly and he tried to capture the beautiful butterfly via his father’s SLR. That was the life-altering experience that allowed him to recognize his passion for traveling and photography and he never looked back after that.

On asking about his newfound passion, Dr. Kumar B.G  said, “ Before this, I don’t think I have realized that photography is more about capturing something to revisit the moment. It’s more like capturing the true essence of a beautiful moment and portraying your views via beautiful pictures.” He posts all his pictures via his Instagram handle @thealphavoyager , which has drawn quite some attention due to the quality of the captures and the striking captions .

This doctor has traveled to various places across the globe including the USA, Kenya, Bali, Dubai, Thailand, Greece, and the Maldives. Traveling has not only allowed him to create beautiful moments but has also allowed him to enhance his personality. He says, “ For me, traveling and photography is much more than just capturing the moments. It is the best possible way for me to enhance my personality and be a better version of myself.”

Currently, Dr. Kumar B.G is striving hard to serve the nation as a responsible doctor as well as to follow his passion as a traveler. His journey has not only uplifted his career but also has inspired several people around the world. Over time, things might get a bit hectic than usual but we all know that his experiential knowledge will always help him stand out from the crowd and become an eminent personality.

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