Dubai-based Entrepreneur Hajjar hady is a Social Media Genius with a Crazy Following on the Internet

The Lebanese man Hady Hajjar needs no introduction when it comes to celebrity management in the Middle East. He has been in this industry for the past two decades with his celebrity management company called HuManagement, which he coundeded long back. Now, his presence seems to be all across the Middle East where he manages different celebrities. The entertainment industry has celebrities who are difficult nuts to crack. Thanks to their individual personalities that vary from one to another. 

This is the reason he feels that no two celebrities are equal, for every other celebrity, he has to chalk out a different plan. There is no single key for two locks and that makes him unique and competitive in this industry. It takes a lot of effort to make his work speak for him, claims Hady Hajjar. It takes time to build credibility in the market of celebrity. With social media popular all across the world, the importance of influencers in the entertainment domain has gone up. This is where he scores the points so well. 

He has enhanced his skills to grow smoothly in his professional life, making him the favorite man in the market. He has worked with numerous celebrities and found it a difficult job as he is yet to device any single formula to deal with them in the entertainment industry. Every other celebrity for him is a challenge as they come up with their own whims and fancies along with mood swings. But he is there to sustain in this market growing and evolving so that he can give to his clients the best.

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