• It is said that one ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words. Contemporary art and literature are fast witnessing the rise of umpteen talented, gifted writers, artists and art and literary enthusiasts from every nook and corner of the world. Elite Book Awards was hence founded in 2021 to give a platform to these gems to showcase their talent to the world and gain recognition for their hard work. The second season of Elite Book Awards 2021 was a unique initiative to recognize the talent, exceptional skills and hard work of literary and art enthusiasts. After a successful first season, EBA organized its second season from 1st– 30th September, declaring results of various Season 2 special awards during 1st Week of October, 2021. The event that saw the participation of extremely talented people from all over the world was associated with Digital Marketing Giant Digital Golgappa, that aims to help its clients achieve their goals and esteemed international magazines Merged Array and Elysian Magazine as their Magazine partners. 52 awardees were selected for the prestigious award from all over the world in various categories. From “City Beautiful” Chandigarh to “Cape Comorin” Kanyakumari and Majestic Michigan, USA to “Giant of Africa” beautiful Nigeria, the award event proved that contemporary art & literature is richly blessed with extremely talented people from every nook and corner of the world.  Season 2 of Elite Book Awards also had 3 additional special edition awards namely-

ELITE’S AUDIENCE POPULAR CHOICE AWARD, ELITE’S MOST EXEMPLARY WORK AWARD ( for best work and content) and ELITE’S MOST SIGNIFICANT AWADEE. The winners of these awards are listed as under:

ELITE’S AUDIENCE POPULAR CHOICE AWARD– Won by Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani.

Anshu Malika is an award-winning writer who has won the innovative writer award from Vivekananda Youth Parliament. She loves adventure and travelling, most importantly she loves to weave her experiences and fantasies into touching stories.


A multitalented girl, Somya Tyagi is an award winning writer and medical student from Sambhal ,UP. She is a national and international record holder with over 70 co-authored anthologies with great expertise as complier, project head and brilliant writing skills


 Winners– Richa Kumari Kashyap & Indira Guha Patra

Mrs Asia Universe 2020, engineer and robotics enthusiast Richa Kumari Kashyap is an Award-Winning Author for the book named “Those Fallen Breadcrumbs” and has Co-Authored more than 5 Anthologies.

Indira Guha Patra started her writing career with her debut novel ‘Chasing Dreams’ following which she published The Promise, Baby Fights Corona and The Veil of Disguise. Recently, she has also stepped into the world of poetry.

 1st Runner Up– Shivi Goyal

Contemporary Indian poet, author, and winner of several author awards, Shivi Goyal is challenging and questioning the norms in society and spreading love by her blockbuster books that are ruling national and international marketplaces. She is the author of two individual books.

2nd Winner Up– Vineet K Silaniya

Currently working as Accountant with the designation name ‘Co-ordinator’ in a Multi-National Company, Mr Silaniya put his portion of life in content writing and storytelling after his college days. He is fascinated with the people and their lives.

Special Mentions:

Shishira Srinivasa- Shishira Srinivasa is a PhD Research Scholar, a budding poetess and an ardent award-winning writer, who has a keen interest in writing poems on life, love, grief, failures of life and so on. She is working in a corporate firm as a Senior Tax Analyst and her favourite hobby is to pour out her feelings in the form of poems and sonnets and free verses

Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar- A highly skilled, brilliant engineer and researcher, Mr Rajasekhar ventured into writing with his award-winning debut book “Bharateeya Samskruthika Nrutya Kalalu” on Indian History and Cultural dances. His second book is on the way.

Daksha Rajeshkumar Udhani- Daksha Rajeshkumar Udhani is an Author from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She has been working as a vice principal for a pre school, and soon she is going to be a PhD holder

Madhurima Guruju- Madhurima is an educator and artist who hails from Hyderabad. According to her, writing is like a therapy to deal with tumultuous situation and pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poetry and stories

The awardees were honoured with certificates, medals, trophies, gift hampers, books and lots more. Team Elite Book Awards, Digital Golgappa , Merged Array Magazine & Elysian Magazine congratulates all these talented awardees  and hopes for a bright future of all .

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